Natural Crystals and Stones: Their Metaphysical Qualities, Uses

People from all walks of the globe have been fascinated by the metaphysical properties of stones or, more accurately, minerals over the years. All things exist in a constant state vibration. Crystallines have a stable vibration that resists other moldavite for sale near me .

The property of sympathetic vibration, or resonance, can stimulate healing, especially in crystalline minerals. They are very sensitive to the chakras, which is one of seven major energy centers. It seems that the colours of the stones have an impact on the vibrations. This is similar to the colours of seven charkas, which coincide with seven colors in the rainbow. (Crown chakra violet, Blow chakra indigo, Heart chakra green, Solar Pleus chakra yellow, Throat chakra blue, Heart chakra green, Solar Pleus chakra yellow, Sacral chakra orange, and Base chakra rouge. These frequencies create an electromagnetic field.

If we accept that all humans have interwoven energy bodies (human aura), and that their electromagnetic nature is electromagnetic, then it follows that they can be affected by the electromagnetic resonances of minerals and crystals.

Disarmony in thought patterns has been linked to illness and disease. Therefore, prolonged exposure to positive vibrations of stones can have a healing effect. Minerals are not only healing but also provide protection from negative energies and bring us good luck.

To ward off ghosts, use amulets or talismans

Some stones, particularly those with celestial origins, have the ability to repel or destroy unwanted or negative energy. These stones, which include those of the meteorite group tektite and moldavites, nickel meteorites, or iron meteorites, can actually repel evil spirits. They can be used to create powerful talismans and amulets by being carved with images or symbols of Buddha, deities, or by advanced practitioners.

It is believed that wearing certain amulets and talismans will protect you from ghosts. Some believe that certain stones, particularly those belonging to the quartz family (Amethyst and Ametrine, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, White Quartz, Amethyst and Ametrine), can provide the same protection. Diamond, pyrite and obsidian are also protective stones. Personally, I believe that stones can emit varying degrees of electromagnetic radiation. They act as a shield and strengthen the body’s energy vibration by being worn on the body.

The image of the Earth Store (Dichang), Bodhisattva, made of tektite is a powerful talisman. A bracelet made from pyrite, amber, and a necklace are also my talismans. I always have this with me when I travel overseas. My arsenal also includes pendants and bracelets made from iron meteorite. They are very powerful in repelling negativities. Moonstones can be used as protection stones when traveling overseas, especially when crossing oceans. I keep a few pieces in my luggage that are tumbled moonstones.

If you are afraid of ghosts while traveling abroad and staying in hotel rooms, you can arrange your shoes in the Ying Yang fashion – one with the sole facing upward and the other in the usual position – at their feet.

The makers of amulets and talismans, monks or priests alike, charge them with the same strong vibrations. They serve the same purpose. My level allows me to magnetize stones as well as any other objects, and confer stronger radiation upon them by using my energization method or chanting mantras.

Spirits in Stones

Some believe that stones can hold memories from the past and others may be used as dwelling places for other life forms. This is similar to the way hermit crabs live in shells after they have been eaten. Stella, my spiritual friend, claims she can communicate with stones. She claimed that she has seen impish-looking creatures living in stones. One Labradorite ball, a type of felspar that is opaque with luminous green against grey background, was my meditation tool. I spotted images of a woman wearing a Greek-like dress among the Roman-like pillars within the stone. My unwelcome intrusion made her look annoyed. She had almond-shaped eyes and features. Another stone was a Rhodonite, a pink-coloured stone with black Manganese steaks. I could see images showing dome-shaped structures. Another instance occurred when an elderly lady gave me a piece jade from her exhumed mother’s grave and asked if it was okay for her daughter in law to wear it. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as soon as I took the jewelry off of her. I asked her if she could recall if her mother had suffered from a stomach ailment. She confirmed it. I cleaned the stone for her, but she said she was hesitant about giving it to her daughter in law. Instead she chose to keep the jewel box. Jade is believed to possess the unique ability of protecting its owner. It would burst into pieces if it was exposed to danger; folklore says that it protects its owner from such dangers.

Stones For Attracting Fortune

Chinese believe that certain stones will bring good luck to their wearers. Jade is the most popular adornment. It not only brings good luck but also protects the wearer. Yellow gemstones are great for gamblers looking to make a quick buck. A pyrite doughnut and a dollar coin may be carried by some people. These green stones can be used to attract wealth from a career. They include jade, peridot and quartz with chloride inclusions. Some of the semi-precious gemstones (emerald, malachite and amazonite), can also be worn as rings or pendants.

Feng-shui and Stones

Feng-Shui or Geomancy is a way of talking about energy. Energy can be caused by the landscape and magnetic forces, seasonal fluctuations of energy flows, celestial influences and planetary influence, as well as the positioning of static objects within the environment. It also affects how your body’s energy reacts to and responds to all these energy sources. Feng-Shui’s western application is to use a variety of scientific equipment to test the energy available in a particular area. You can feel the energy of Feng-Shui – the good and the bad “Chi”, if you’re sensitive enough to it. If placed in the right place, stones can improve Feng-shui. The wealth position is located in the left-hand corner of the main house hall, diagonally opposite the entrance. One could place amethyst geodes to increase positive energy in this area. This is an alternative to putting round-leaf plants there, which has been recommended by Feng Shui masters. To block negative energy from ill-formed landscapes or structures facing our house’s windows, you could also hang faceted cut crystal balls. These faceted crystal balls can reflect light from the sun and create a beautiful sight.

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