Integrative Medicines For Melancholy

Andrew Weil is a solid follower of mine. He gave some excellent advice to beat depression on NPR yesterday. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, why not try these out

one. Exercise: Running, walking, biking, swimming, and cycling all increase the levels of swelling. Dr. Weil recommends exercising at least four times per day for 30 minutes each.

2. Plan a healthy diet which is low in inflammatory food and high-in anti-oxidants. Sugar is the worst inflammatory food, followed closely by dairy. Recent research shows that severe irritations can have the most devastating effects on mood. The best way of causing despair was to use small amounts of serotonin. Now inflammation is being considered the culprit. Be safe and eat only vegetables and moderate amounts of protein.

three. You can make it a habit of keeping a gratitude diary. Keeping a record of all the blessings we have received every day is sure to improve mood. This is the best day of the year for you to start working on your plan.

four. Make sure your diet plan includes sufficient levels of Omega a few and fish oil.

5. One that does not include processed foods is the most healthy. This could be the best option.

six. Cognitive therapy, out of all the possible treatments for depression is more effective than any other.

I’m proud to present a number of my own tips.

one. Check with your doctor to make sure that thyroid hormones levels are not low. Hypothyroidism is characterized by depression, incapacity for focus, and brain fog.

2. Ask your doctor whether the addition of thyroid hormone T3 could be beneficial. I’ve been successful with two daily intakes of five milligrams T3 per workday. T3 provides vital vitamins for the mind.

3. Pet therapy. My two cats bring so much joy to my daily life. Blossom & Oreo are a great source of joy.

4. Give the gifts that are compassionate and empathic. Each one takes a long and thoughtful approach to reducing melancholy.

five. Get involved in volunteering initiatives. You will live a fulfilled and productive life if you have strong connections with your local community.

six. Create a agency spiritual link. The opportunities for spiritual attachment in a healthy way are endless at the temple, synagogue, church and synagogue.